What is Bitcoin Miner?

In 2009, Bitcoin was released as an open-source software and this digital currency quickly revolutionized the financial markets. For early adopters, who saw the great potential in this new decentralized cryptocurrency, they quickly reaped the rewards of the growing popularity of Bitcoin and within a few years, many investors became millionaires. To put this into perspective, when Bitcoin was released, it was valued at $1 each and by 2017, this digital currency was valued at over $19,000 per Bitcoin.

Now, you are probably thinking that you have missed the opportunity to earn financially from Bitcoin but in order for you to claim your piece of the financial revolution of the 21st Century, this is where Bitcoin Miner takes center stage.

With a clear understanding that not all investors can afford to buy Bitcoins, software developer Dan Manson discovered that by simply mining Bitcoin, he was able to literally create Bitcoins out of thin air. He was then able to sell these Bitcoins for U.S. dollars and quickly, his wealth grew. Today, Dan is the founder of Bitcoin Miner and he has helped other investors, just like you, earn the financial freedom they deserve, without having to invest any money.

Understanding Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining is the process of adding transaction records to Bitcoin's blockchain or its public ledger. This blockchain, which is literally a chain of blocks, serves to confirm transactions to the rest of the network as having taken place. It is Bitcoin miners that help keep the Bitcoin network secure by approving transactions. This mining is an important and integral part of Bitcoin and it helps to keep the Bitcoin network stable, safe and secure.

Bitcoin mining is viewed by many as ‘pennies from heaven’ since you are able to earn cryptocurrency without having to put down money for it. To help you understand, Bitcoin are mined in units called ‘blocks’ and miners are rewarded for completing a block. For example, as of February 2019, the reward for completing a block was 12.5 Bitcoin, while the price of Bitcoin was about $3,500 per Bitcoin. This means that if you were mining Bitcoin, you would earn $42,000 (12.5 x 3,500).

Bitcoin Miner now puts you in the driver’s seat and enables you to mine Bitcoin, even without any experience, and to earn Bitcoins.

It simply doesn’t get any easier than this!

Who We Are?

As the founder of Bitcoin Miner, Dan Manson developed the software that enables investors to mine Bitcoin and to literally, create Bitcoins out of thin air by simply using the electricity generated by one’s computer. These Bitcoins can then be sold for a profit.

Initially, Bitcoin mining was a complex process and only computer savvy people got the opportunity to earn from this process. Thanks to the Bitcoin Miner software, anyone can now earn money. Dan put together a team of elite programmers to help him develop a web-based software application that mines Bitcoin on auto-pilot. In this way, the need for advanced technical knowledge was eliminated.

What this means is that since Dan decided to offer his software to others, even you can earn by literally doing nothing! With the Bitcoin Miner, you can get started mining Bitcoin with a click of your mouse. You can even do this from the comfort of your house, with no special computer skills. Within a day, you can earn over $2,000 by simply joining Bitcoin Miner and getting in on this action!

What Does the Bitcoin Miner Offer?

In his quest to provide a limited number of investors with the chance to earn while mining Bitcoin, Dan has ensured that Bitcoin Miner offers a variety of effective features.

These include:

  • Ease of Use – Mining Bitcoin with Bitcoin Miner is easy to do. You do not need to be an expert software developer or programmer to mine Bitcoin profitably. In addition, you do not need to download any software since the Bitcoin Miner software is a web-based system, and only requires a device with a modern browser and an Internet connection. This could even be your mobile device.
  • Simple Registration – Joining Bitcoin Miner is easy to do. Simply complete the short registration form and within a few minutes, you can start earning money by ‘doing nothing.’
  • Free of Charge – We want our clients to succeed and therefore, we do not charge anything for the Bitcoin Miner software. We want our clients to profit from the Bitcoin revolution.
  • Market Movements – One of the major advantages of Bitcoin Miner is that you can earn even if the price of Bitcoin moves up or down. Since you are simply mining Bitcoin, price movements in the markets do not impact your earning potential. You will still earn Bitcoin for free even if the price of the cryptocurrency drops!
  • Customer Support – At Bitcoin Miner, we are always here for you. If you have any questions or queries, we encourage you to contact us at any time.

Bitcoin Miner has been developed to allow an exclusive few to generate profits from mining Bitcoin. There are no hidden fees or costs. Our software will do all the work and all you need to do is leave your computer running as the Bitcoin Miner software works its magic.

Your chance to get in on the Bitcoin revolution is now and we look forward to welcoming you to the Bitcoin Miner family.